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Lemon Tree

Strategic Partnerships

Venusia Agricultural Investments is specialized in buying, selling and managing farmland throughout North and South America.  Venusia Ag invests in best-in-class properties and works with best-in-class operators.  We are able to discreetly evaluate properties and act quickly when the opportunity is right. Our objective is to deploy patient capital and utilize strong industry & regional relationships to maximize the value of the property over the long-term ownership horizon.

Key Investment Parameters

  • Crop Types: Permanent/Specialty Crops

  • Geographic Location: United States and Latin America

  • Minimum Transaction Size: $10,000,000

  • Maximum Transaction Size: Unlimited

Our Operators

Venusia Ag partners with best in class operators for all of our investments.  By working with these operators on deal sourcing, property due diligence and acquisition, and ongoing operations, it guarantees that we only invest in the highest grade properties.  Strategic partners co-invest which allows them to have skin in the game.

Some of the many benefits to this structure are:

  • It aligns the interests of the investors and the operators

  • Opportunity to grow operations through additional acquisitions

  • Operators can reap the benefit of ownership without a large capital commitment


If you are interested in learning more about a potential partnership with Venusia Agricultural Investments, please reach out and we are happy to discuss the opportunity.

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